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Jacobus J. Janssen - Donkeys at Deir el-Medina
22.02.2020, 10:28

Монография за магаретата в Деир ел Медина: тяхната социална роля в трудовото ежедневие и бита на населението.

Jacobus J. Janssen - Donkeys at Deir el-Medina, Leiden, Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, 2005

- на английски език, от Google Docs,формат PDF. Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) от страницата на предоставящия сървър, после през бутона стрелка надолу/after by down arrow button.


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Donkeys played a substantial role in the life of the necropolis workmen of Deir el-Medina. Based on a corpus of administrative texts consisting of 124 ostraca and three papyri, this work focuses on the economic aspect and the function of donkeys as means of transport.

After a detailed study of all texts, separate chapters are devoted to the treatment and the work of the animals; their owners, hirers and buyers; the price of hire; and the vocabulary and the formulae used in these texts.

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