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Alice Stevenson - Scattered Finds: Archaeology, Egyptology and Museums
31.10.2020, 15:45

Британските археолози държат може би първото място по успех в разкриването на древни артефакти в страната на фараоните и принос към развитието на египтологията. В течение на само век, от 1880 до 1970 г. те успяват да изкопаят стотици хиляди безценни находки.
За съдбата им след приключването на разкопките, за любопитните пътища и понякога невероятните истории съпровождащи озоваването им в музеите из най-различни кътчета на света разказва тази книга. Изложението е допълнено с приложение за актуалното законодателство, касаещо разкриването и експорта на египетски антики.

Alice Stevenson - Scattered Finds: Archaeology, Egyptology and Museums, London, UCL Press, 2019

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Alice Stevenson - Scattered Finds: Archaeology, Egyptology and Museums, London, UCL Press, 2019

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Scattered Finds explores the politics, personalities and social histories that linked fieldwork in Egypt with the varied organizations around the world that received finds. Case studies range from Victorian municipal museums and women’s suffrage campaigns in the UK, to the development of some of the USA’s largest institutions, and from university museums in Japan to new institutions in post-independence Ghana. By juxtaposing a diversity of sites for the reception of Egyptian cultural heritage over the period of a century, Alice Stevenson presents new ideas about the development of archaeology, museums and the construction of Egyptian heritage. She also addresses the legacy of these practices, raises questions about the nature of the authority over such heritage today, and argues for a stronger ethical commitment to its stewardship.
Scattered Finds is a remarkable achievement. In charting how British excavations in Egypt dispersed artefacts around the globe, at an unprecedented scale, Alice Stevenson shows us how ancient objects created knowledge about the past while firmly anchored in the present. No one who reads this timely book will be able to look at an Egyptian antiquity in the same way again. Beautifully illustrated with colour and greyscale images, this volume successfully proves that there is still so much to be learned from an in-depth study of 'scattered finds' from Egypt, for readers of scholarly and popular literature alike

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