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Leonard Cottrell - The Lost Pharaohs
20.10.2022, 05:23

Елегантно поднесена история на египтологията от британския журналист и автор на научнопопулярни книги Леонард Котръл (1913-1974).
От първите изследователи през проучването на комплекса в Гиза, "стовратата Тива" и града на мъртвите, изгубените мумии на фараоните, невероятното откритие на Хауърд Картър, епохата на фараона-еретик Ехнатон до бъдещето на египтологията.

Leonard Cottrell - The Lost Pharaohs, London-New York-Bahrain, Kegan Paul, 2005


Leonard Cottrell - The Lost Pharaohs, London-New York-Bahrain, Kegan Paul, 2005

- на английски език, от Google Drive, формат PDF. Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) от страницата на предоставящия сървър, после през бутона стрелка надолу/after by down arrow button.


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A brilliant introduction to Egyptology, this book describes the mysterious story of the lost pharaohs. Lowered into a crevice thirty feet deep by the Priests of the Necropolis, the mummies of the lost pharaohs were undisturbed for three thousand years. Their discovery and its incredible impact on the field of Egyptology form just one episode of this fascinating book, which also covers the construction of the pyramids, the City of the Dead, and many other topics. Leonard Cottrell, author of numerous BBC radio documentaries on ancient Egypt, offers the general reader a story that is both entertaining and factual, ably conveying the romance and mystery which draw so many to the study of ancient Egypt.
Here is one of the world's most exciting detective stories, filled with the adventures of those who first unraveled the mysteries of ancient Egypt. While no one may ever uncover all the secrets behind the Pyramids and Sphinx, modern archeologists can tell us something about the strange and fascinating people who built them.
The Lost Pharaohs takes you on an unforgettable journey along the Nile, revisiting a civilization that has vanished and been recaptured on these pages.

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