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Textcorpus und Wörterbuch. Aspekte zur ägyptischen Lexikographie
30.04.2019, 21:03

Сборникът материали демонстрира възможностите на модерните езикови техники и подходи, както и на комплексния речников анализ на писмените паметници при изучаването на древноегипетския език.

Stefan Grunert, Ingelore Hafemann (her.) - Textcorpus und Wörterbuch. Aspekte zur ägyptischen Lexikographie, Leiden- Boston - Köln, Brill, 1999

- на древноегипетски и немски език, от The Ancient World Online Digital Library, формат PDF.Свалянето става с десен бутон (downloading by right button) и Save as...


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The confrontation of the magisterial Wörterbuch der Ägyptischen Sprache (12 volumes, publ. 1926-1963) and the enormous possibilities for lexicography offered by modern techniques forms the subject of this new volume in Brill's monograph series Probleme der Ägyptologie. 

It consists of papers offering of course an appreciation of the Wörterbuch, but also thorough contributions highlighting specific lexicographical and linguistic problems, and the new approaches and concepts in these fields. New directions for (Egyptian) lexicography are appearing, profiting from, and combining the solid lexicographical methodologies of the past, and computer-aided innovations of today.

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