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Aude Gräzer Ohara - Treasures from the Lost City of Memphis
16.09.2023, 11:01

Богато илюстриран подробен каталог на скулптурните произведения в музейната градина на Мемфис (дн. Мит Рахина) - първата столица на обединения от фараоните Египет, която запазва своето значение като крупен градски и административен център през цялата история на страната.

Aude Gräzer Ohara - Treasures from the Lost City of Memphis. Obhects from the Museum Sculpture Garden, Boston (MA), Ancient Egypt Research Associates, 2020

- на английски и арабски език, от MEGA, формат PDF. Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) и после през бутона Download.


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This detailed catalog of the remarkable collection of artifacts from the Mît Rahîna museum is now freely available to students, scholars, and museum visitors from around the world.
The museum of Mît Rahîna sits on archaeological remains in the heart of the Memphite ruin field and displays a substantial and remarkable collection of monuments, including several unique pieces that deserve to be more widely known. With this book we hope to offer insight into the museum’s collection and context, as well as the history and excavation of Memphis, Egypt’s ancient capital city.
Treasures from the Lost City of Memphis is the first volume to provide a comprehensive presentation of both the museum’s history and a catalog of its treasures, richly illustrated and researched, and presented against an informative backdrop of the excavation history of Memphis.

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