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Adolf Erman - Ancient Egyptian Literature
17.09.2022, 08:56

Сборник с преводи на древноегипетски литературни произведения от най-различни жанрове: митове, химни, лирика, нравоучения, исторически произведения, епистолография и други от големия немски египтолог Адолф Ерман.

Adolf Erman - Ancient Egyptian Literature, London-New York, Routledge, 2009

- на английски език, от Google Drive, формат PDF. Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) от страницата на предоставящия сървър, после през бутона стрелка надолу/after by down arrow button. 


Adolf Erman - Literature Of The Ancient Egyptians. Poems, Narratives and Manuals of Instruction from Third and Second Millenia BC, London, Methuen & Co., 1927

- на английски език, от Internet Archive, формат  PDF. Свалянето става с десен бутон (downloading by right button) и Save as... 


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This book is an impressive collection of some of the earliest literature still extant from the great Ancient Egyptian civilization. Much of the material contained in this work -- poems, narratives, songs and prayers -- was translated and made accessible to lovers of antiquity for the first time in the beginning of the previous century. Covering a range of topics including schools, religion and love, the collected works here provide the reader with a deeper understanding of ancient life along the Nile.

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