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Trismegistos Online Publications [TOP]
26.08.2019, 13:37

Trismegistos Online Publications [TOP] e серия пубикации, предназначени основно да бъдат обслужващи каталози към справочната дигитална база данни Trismegistos в областта на папирологията, демотическото и коптско писмо и древноегипетските топография и топонимия през гръко-римския период. Отделни тмове са посветени на конкретни места (села, градове, области), разгледани детайлно на основа на папироложки и други писмени артефакти.

Trismegistos Online Publications [TOP]

[TOP 1] Mark Depauw - A Chronological Survey of Precisely Dated Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic Sources, Köln - Leuven, Trismegistos, 2007

[TOP 2] Herbert Verreth - A survey of toponyms in Egypt in the Graeco-Roman period, Köln - Leuven, Trismegistos, 2013

[TOP 3] Herbert Verreth - The provenance of Egyptian documents from the 8th century BC till the 8th century AD, Köln - Leuven, Trismegistos, 2009

[TOP 4] Amin Benaissa - Rural Settlements of the Oxyrhynchite Nome. A Papyrological Survey, Köln - Leuven, Trismegistos, 2012

[TOP 5] Herbert Verreth - Toponyms in Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic texts from the 8th century BC till the 5th century AD, Köln - Leuven, Trismegistos, 2011

[TOP 6] Klaas Anthony Worp - A New Survey of Greek, Coptic, Demotic and Latin Tabulae Preserved from Classical Antiquity, Köln - Leuven, Trismegistos, 2012

Trismegistos Online Publications Special Series [TOP SS]

[TOP SS 1] Karolien Geenk - Panopolis, a Nome Capital in Egypt in the Roman and Byzantine Period (ca. AD 200-600), Leuven, Trismegistos - Katholieke Universiteit, 2014 [reprint PhD thesis 2007]

[TOP SS 2] Jacques France - Theadelpheia and Euhemereia. Village History in Graeco-Roman Egypt, Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit, 1999

[TOP SS 3] Katelijn Vandorpe - Egyptische geografische elementen in Griekse transcriptie, Leuven, Katholieke Universiteit, 1988

[TOP SS 4.1] Herbert Verreth - The northern Sinai from the 7th century BC till the 7th century AD. A guide to the sources. Volume I, Leuven, Trismegistos, 2006

[TOP SS 4.2] Herbert Verreth - The northern Sinai from the 7th century BC till the 7th century AD. A guide to the sources. Volume II, Leuven, Trismegistos, 2006

- на английски и холандски език, от Trismegistos, формат PDF. Свалянето става с десен бутон (downloading by right button) и Save as...


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This series, edited by W. Clarysse (K.U.Leuven), M. Depauw (K.U.Leuven), and formerly also the late H. J. Thissen (Universität zu Köln), aims to provide freely downloadable pdf-documents with scholarly tools based upon or providing links to the Trismegistos database.
Often a PhD thesis for some reason cannot be published immediately. In the years that follow, the authors do not find the time to revise the manuscript as they wanted. This in turn causes problems because new literature appears or the evidence of new sources needs to be incorporated. As a result, the manuscript often remains unpublished and the valuable insights risk to be inaccessible and thus lost for scholarship. To prevent this, Trismegistos Online Publications have decided to open up a new 'Special Series', where valuable PhD theses or other scholarly manuscripts can be published with an ISBN number.

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