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Christian de Vartavan, Victoria Asensi Amoros - Codex of Ancient Egyptian Plant Remains
25.05.2020, 08:42

Уникална по рода си справочна база данни за археоботаническите находки в Древен Египет, включваща места на откриване и съхранение, кратко описание на резултатите от всяко проучване, имената на извършилите го изследователи, както и бележки за икономическото значение на съответния растителен вид.

Christian de Vartavan, Victoria Asensi Amoros - Codex of Ancient Egyptian Plant Remains, London, Sais Books, 2010

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There have been very few comprehensive studies of the ancient flora of Egypt and most of these have been interpretive syntheses of data. In this book, the authors present a codex of more than 4,600 identifications of Egyptian plant remains, bringing together material from more than 350 archaeobotanical reports. The entries, which come from the Palaeolithic to Islamic and Ottoman periods, are listed alphabetically, with the genus or family name, date, the name of the specialist making the identification, references, provenance and other information. A short introduction is given in French and English although there is no other commentary or interpretation of the evidence. Written for the botanist and non-botanist, although highly specialised.

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