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'Being in Ancient Egypt' : Thoughts on agency, materiality and cognition
27.02.2021, 12:21

Сборник египтоложки материали, касаещи свързани с касаещи тази древна цивилизация абстрактни философски теми като взаимодействие, материалност и познаваемост. Събраните произведения са доклади от семинар,  проведен на 29 и 30 септември 2006 г. в датската столица Копенхаген.

Rune Nyord, Annette Kjølby (eds.) - 'Being in Ancient Egypt' : Thoughts on agency, materiality and cognition. Proceedings of the seminar held in Copenhagen, September 29-30, 2006, Oxford, BAR Publishing, 2009

- на английски език, от MEGA, формат PDF.Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) и после през бутона Download.


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Papers from a seminar held at the University of Copenhagen in September 2006. Contents: A New Look at the Conception of the Human Being in Ancient Egypt (John Gee); 2) Between Identity and Agency in Ancient Egyptian Ritual (Harold M. Hays); 3) Material Agency, Attribution and Experience of Agency in Ancient Egypt: The case of New Kingdom private temple statues (Annette Kjby); 4) Self-perception and Self-assertion in the Portrait of Senwosret III: New methods for reading a face ((Maya Mueller); 5) Taking Phenomenology to Heart: Some heuristic remarks on studying ancient Egyptian embodied experience (Rune Nyord); 6) Anger and Agency: The role of the emotions in Demotic and earlier narratives (John Tait); 7) Time and Space in Ancient Egypt: The importance of the creation of abstraction (David A. Warburton); Index of Egyptian and Greek words and expressions.

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