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Nile into Tiber: Egypt in the Roman World
16.09.2017, 14:46

Сборник материали, посветени на влиянието на древноегипетската религия в гръко-римския свят и в частност разпространението на култа към Изида в Италия.

Laurent Bricault, Miguel John Versluys, Paul G.P. Meyboom (eds.) - Nile into Tiber: Egypt in the Roman World. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Isis Studies, Leiden, May 11-14 2005, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2007  - на английски и френски език, от Book Finder, формат PDF, файлът не е архивиран.Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) и после през бутона Download.


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Interest in all kinds of interactions between Egypt and Rome has grown considerably over the last decade. This debate has not only altered our views on the impact of Rome on Alexandria and Egypt but also strongly put to the fore the reverse direction of this cultural interaction: Egyptian influences on the Roman world. It is this topic, Egypt in the Roman World, that was central to the IIIrd International Conference of Isis Studies, held in Leiden in May 2005. This book, a selection of the papers delivered at the conference, gives a clear overview of the debate as it has developed in recent years. In two parts (Interpretations of the meaning of Aegyptiaca Romana and Understanding the cults of Isis in their local context), it offers a broad perspective.

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