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Matt Waters - Ancient Persia: A Concise History of the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BCE)
06.01.2019, 17:09

Отличната "Древна Персия. Кратка история на империята на Ахеменидите (550-330 г. пр. н.е.)" от Мат Уотърс в оригинал.

Matt Waters - Ancient Persia: A Concise History of the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BCE), New York, Cambridge University Press, 2014

- на английски език, от Google Drive, формат PDF. Сваляне с ляв бутон (downloading by left button) от страницата на предоставящия сървър, после през бутона стрелка надолу/after by down arrow button. 


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The Achaemenid Persian Empire, at its greatest territorial extent under Darius I (r. 522-486 BCE), held sway over territory stretching from the Indus River Valley to southeastern Europe and from the western Himalayas to northeast Africa. In this book, Matt Waters gives a detailed historical overview of the Achaemenid period while considering the manifold interpretive problems historians face in constructing and understanding its history. This book offers a Persian perspective even when relying on Greek textual sources and archaeological evidence. Waters situates the story of the Achaemenid Persians in the context of their predecessors in the mid-first millennium BCE and through their successors after the Macedonian conquest, constructing a compelling narrative of how the empire retained its vitality for more than two hundred years (c. 550-330 BCE) and left a massive imprint on Middle Eastern as well as Greek and European history.

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