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This is the "Q- letter"  list from my new alphabetical catalogue, presenting my book files collection for free downloading. The items are arranged according authors (editors) last names. In this section you can find works of the British classic egyptologist James Edward Quibell (1867-1935), contemporary scholar Stephen Quirke and in future many others.

Quack Joachim Friedrich - Die Lehren des Ani: Ein neuägyptischer Weisheitstext in seinem kulturellen Umfeld, Fribourg - Göttingen, Universitatsverlag Fribourg- Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht, 1994

Quibell Annie A. - The pyramids of Giza, Cairo, C.M.S. Bookshop, 1910 (?)

Quibell James Edward - Archaic objects, Volume 1-2, Le Caire, Imprimerie de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1904-1905 [CG 11001-12000; 14001-14754]  

Quibell James Edward, Green F. W. - Hierakonpolis. Part I-II, London, Bernard Quaritcht, 1900-1902 [ BSAE/ERA 4-5]  

Quibell James Edward - El Kab. In Association with the Work of Somers Clarke and J. J. Tylor, London, Bernard Quaritch, 1898 [ BSAE/ERA 3]  

Quibell James Edward, Petrie W.M. Flinders - Naqada and Ballas 1895, London, Bernard Quaritch, 1896 [ BSAE/ERA 1]  

Quibell James Edward - The Ramesseum. With Translations and Comments by W. Spiegelberg. And the Tomb of Ptah-hetep Copied by R. F. E. Paget and A. A. Pirie. With Comments by F. Ll. Griffith, London, Bernard Quaritch, 1898 [ BSAE/ERA 2]  

Quibell James Edward, Hayter A. G. K. - Excavations at Saqqara. Teti Pyramid, North Side, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1927

Quibell James Edward - Tomb of Yuaa and Thuiu, Le Caire, Imprimerie de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1908 [CG 51001-51191]  

Quirke Stephen - The administration of Egypt in the late Middle Kingdom: The hieratic documents, New Malden, SIA Publishing, 1990

Quirke Stephen, García Juan Carlos Moreno, Miniaci Gianluca, Stauder Andréas (eds.) - The arts of making in ancient Egypt. Voices, images and objects of material producers 2000-1550 BC, Leiden, Sidestone Press, 2018

Quirke Stephen - Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt, Maldon (MA)-Oxford- Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell, 2015  

Quirke Stephen - Going out in Daylight – prt m hrw: The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead - translation, sources, meanings, London, Golden House Publications, 2013

Quirke Stephen - Lahun. A town in Egypt 1800 Bc and the history of its landscape, London, Golden House Publications, 2005  

Quirke Stephen (ed.)- Middle Kingdom Studies, New Malden- Leiden, SIA Publishing- Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, 1991  

Quirke Stephen, O'Connor David (eds.) - Mysterious Lands, London, UCL Press, 2003  

Quirke Stephen (ed.) - The Temple in Ancient Egypt: New Discoveries and Recent Research, London, British Museum Press, 1997  



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