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This is the "C - letter" list from my new alphabetical catalogue, presenting my book files collection for free downloading. The items are arranged according authors (editors) last names.
In this section you can find works of the famous father of modern egyptology - Jean-François Champollion (1790-1832), and so his less known but not less talented brother Jacques Joseph Champollion-Figeac (1768-1867), of the Howard Carter (1874-1939), who discovered the Tutankhamun tomb, illustrious Czekh classic worked in England - Jaroslav Černý (1898-1970), French archaeologist Émile Gaston Chassinat (1868-1948) worked in Edfu, expert in prehistory Ver Gordon Childe (1892-1957) from Australia, expert on the New Kingdom Eric H. Cline (b. 1960), modern French archaeologist Sylvie Cauville, who is excavating mainly in Dendara, original egyptologists from Italy- Giacomo Cavillier, from Poland - Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz  and from Romania - Miron Ciho, egyptologist from  UCLA Kathlyn M. (Kara) Cooney, specialist in Coptic language Walter Ewing Crum (1865-1944), expert on Roman Egypt Livia Capponi, unique German writer popularizing amazing work of the archaeologists - C.W. Ceram (1915-1972) and many others. 



Clagett Marshall - Ancient Egyptian Science: A Source Book. Volume I-III, Philadelphia, American Philosophical Society, 1989-1999  

Clarke Hyde - Memoir on the comparative grammar of Egyptian, Coptic, & Ude, London, Trübner & Co., 1873  

Clarke Thérèse - The Overseer of Upper Egypt in Egypt's Old Kingdom. A re-examination of the role of the Overseer of Upper Egypt during the Old Kingdom. Volume I-II, Sydney, Macquarie University, 2009

Clarysse Willy, Schoors Antoon, Willems Harco (eds.) - Egyptian Religion The Last Thousand Years: Studies dedicated to the memory of Jan Quaegebeur. Volumes I-II, Leuven, Peeters, 1998  

Clayton Matt - Egyptian Mythology: Captivating Stories of the Gods, Goddesses, Monsters and Mortals, Charleston (SC), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017  

Clayton Peter A. - Chronicle of the Pharaohs: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt, London-New York, Thames & Hudson, 2001  

Clère Jacques Jean, Bisson de la Roque Fernand - Rapports sur les fouilles de Médamoud, années 1927-1928, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1928-1929 [FIFAO 5.1, 6.1]  

Clère Jacques Jean, Černý Jaroslav, Bruyère Bernard - Répertoire Onomastique de Deir El Médineh, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1949 [DFIFAO 12]

Clère Jacques Jean , Vandier Jacques - Textes de la première période intermédiaire et de la XIème dynastie, Ier fascicule, Bruxelles, Fondation Égyptologique Reine Élisabeth, 1948 [BiAe 10]  

Cline Eric H.- 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed, Princeton-Oxford, Princeton University Press, 2014  

Cline Eric H., O'Connor David (eds.) - Amenhotep III. Perspectives of His Reign, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 1998  

Cline Eric H.(ed.) - The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean (ca. 3000–1000 BC), Oxford-New York, Oxford University Press, 2010  

Cline Eric H., O'Connor David (eds.) - Ramesses III. The Life and Times of Egypt's Last Hero, Ann Arbor (MI), University of Michigan Press, 2012  

Cline Eric H. , O'Connor David (eds.) - Thutmose III: A New Biography, Ann Arbor (MC), University of Michigan, 2009  

Coale Ansley J., Frier Bruce W. , Bagnall Roger S. - The Demography of Roman Egypt, Cambridge-New York, Cambridge University Press, 2006  

Cochavi-Rainey Zipora, Rainey Anson F. , Schniedewind William M. - The El-Amarna correspondence : a new edition of the cuneiform letters from the site of El-Amarna based on collations of all extant tablets. Volume 1-2, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2015  

Cockburn Aidan, Cockburn Eve & Reyman Theodore A. (eds.) - Mummies, disease & ancient cultures  

Coffin Texts, Volume I-VIII, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1935-2006  

Cohen Shaye J.D., Schwartz Joshua J. (eds.) - Studies in Josephus and the Varieties of Ancient Judaism , Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2007  

Colburn Henry Preater - The Archaeology of Achaemenid Rule in Egypt, Ann Arbor (MI), University of Michigan, 2014  

Colin Frederic - Les Libyens en Egypte (XVe siècle a.C.-IIe siècle p.C.). Onomastique et histoire. Volume I-II, Bruxelles, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1996  

Colla Elliott - Conflicted Antiquities: Egyptology, Egyptomania, Egyptian Modernity, Durham (NC), Duke University Press, 2008  

Colla Elliott - Hooked on pharaonics Literature and the appropriations of ancient Egypt, Berkeley (CA), Univesrsity of California, 2000  

Collier Mark, Manley Bil - How to read Egyptian hieroglyphs. A Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself, London, British Museum Press, 1999  

Collier Mark, Manley Bil - Introducción a Los Jeroglíficos Egipcios, Madrid, Alianza Editorial, 2001  

Collier Sandra A. - The crowns of Pharaoh : their development and significance in Ancient Egyptian Kingship, Los Angeles, University of California, 1996  

Collins Billie Jean - A History of the Animal World in the Ancient Near East, Leiden- Boston- Köln, Brill, 2002  

Conde Jesús Rodríguez - Egipto : cultura escrita. Edición de consulta, Madrid, e# Editions, 2007  

Conder C.R. - The Tell Amarna tablets , London, Palestine Exploration Fund - A.P. Watt & Son, 1894  

Contenau Georges, Duchesne-Guillemin Jacques, Drioton Etienne - Les religions de l'Orient ancien, Paris, Arthème Fayard, 1956

Conti Flavio - Wie erkenne ich Altägyptische Kunst. Architektur, Skulptur, Mallerei, Stuttgart-Zürich, Beltser, 1986  

Cooney Kathlyn (Kara) - The Cost of Death: The Social and Economic Value of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Art in the Ramesside Period, Leiden, Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, 2007  

Cooney Kaithlyn Mary - The value of private funerary art in Ramesside period Egypt, Baltimore (MA), John Hopkins University, 2002  

Cooney Kathlyn (Kara) - The Woman Who would be King: Hatshepsut's rise to power in Ancient Egypt, New York, Crown Publishing Group, 2014  

Cooney William - Egypt’s encounter with the West: Race, Culture and Identity, Durham, Durham University, 2011  

Cooper Louise, Brand Peter J. (eds) - Causing His Name To Live. Studies in Egyptian Epigraphy and History in Memory of William J. Murnane, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2009  

Corbelli Judith, Boatright Daniel, Malleson Claire (eds.) - Current Research in Egyptology 2009: Proceedings ot the Tenth annual symposium Liverpool 7-9 January 2009, Oxford, Oxbow Books, 2009  

Corcoran Lorelei H. - Portrait Mummies from Roman Egypt (I-IV Centuries A.D.) with a Catalog of Portrait Mummies in Egyptian Museums, Chicago, The Orienntal Institute of The University of Chicago, 1995  

Cordier Henri - Bibliographie des oeuvres de Gaston Maspero, Paris, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geutner, 1922  

Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum [CAA, CantAe] 1-21, Mainz am Rhein: Philipp von Zabern, 1977-2000  

Correas-Amador Maria; Andrews Nathalie; Abd El Gawad Heba; Tamorri Veronica (eds.) - Current Research in Egyptology 2011: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium, Oxford - Oakville (CT), Oxbow Books, 2012

Correas-Amador Maria - Ethnoarchaeology of Egyptian mudbrick houses: towards a holistic understanding of ancient Egyptian domestic architecture, Durham, Durham University, 2013  

Correia Cristina Chautard Martins - Estatuetas funerárias egípcias do império novo em traje dos vivos, Lisboa, Universidade de Lisboa, 2008  

Corzo Miguel Angel , Afshar Mahasti (eds) - Art and Eternity: The Nefertari Wall Paintings Conservation Project 1986–1992, Los Angeles, Getty Conservation Institute-Egyptian Antiquities Organization, 1993  

Cottevieille-Giraudet Rémy - Rapports sur les fouilles de Médamoud- année 1930-1932, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1931-1936 [FIFAO 8.2, 9.1, 13]  

Couyat Jules , Montet Pierre - Les inscriptions hiéroglyphiques et hiératiques du Ouâdi Hammâmât, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1913 [MIFAO 34]   

Cowen Jr Robert - An Egyptian Primer. To learn to read Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Columbia (MO), Columbia College, 2013  

Coxe Eckley B. (Junior) - Expedition to Nubia [ECJ-EN], Philadelphia-Oxford, University of Pennsylvania, The University Museum- Oxford University Press, 1909-1911  

Creasman Pearce Paul, Incordino Ilaria (eds.) - Flora Trade Between Egypt and Africa in Antiquity.Proceedings of a Conference Held in Naples, Italy, 13 April 2015, Oxford - Philadelphia (PA), Oxbow Books, 2017

Creasman Pearce Paul, Wilkinson Richard H. (eds.) - Pharaoh's Land and Beyond: Ancient Egypt and Its Neighbors, New York, Oxford University Press, 2017  

Creasman Pearce Paul (ed.) - Archaeological Research in the Valley of the Kings and Ancient Thebes: Papers Presented in Honor of Richard H. Wilkinson, Tucson (AZ), The University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition, 2013

Cribiore Raffaella - Gymnastics of the Mind: Greek Education in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt, Princeton (NJ), Princeton University Press, 2005

Cribiore Raffaella, Bagnall Roger S. - Women's Letters from Ancient Egypt. 300 BC-AD 800, Ann Arbor (MC), The University of Michigan Press, 2009  

Criscuolo Lucia, Geraci Giovanni (cur.) - Egitto e storia antica dall'ellenismo all'età araba. Bilancio di un confronto. Atti del colloquio internazionale, Bologna, 31 agosto-2 settembre 1987, Bologna, Cooperativa Libraria Universitaria Editrice Bologna (CLUEB), 1989  

Crist  Walter, Dunn-Vaturi Anne-Elizabeth, Voogt Alex de - Ancient Egyptians at Play. Board Games Across Borders, London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2016 

Cromwell Jennifer, McKechnie Paul (eds.)- Ptolemy I and the transformation of Egypt, 404-282 BCE, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2018

Crook John Anthony, Lintott Andrew, Rawson Elizabeth (eds.) - Тhe Cambridge Ancient History, vol. IX. The last age of Roman Republic 146-43 BC, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2006  

Crouwel J.H., Littauer М.А. - Wheeled vehicles and ridden animals in the Ancient Near East, Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1979  

Crowfoot John Winter - The Island of Meroë, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1911 [EEF-ASE 19]

Crum Walter Ewing -- A Coptic Dictionary, London, Sandpiper Books Ltd., 2000  

Crum Walter Ewing - Coptic monuments, Osnabrück, Otto Zeller Verlag, 1975 [CG 8001-8741]  

Ctesius Cnidus - The complete fragments of Ctesias of Cnidus: translation and commentary with an introduction, Gainesville, University of Florida, 2008  

Ctesius Cnidus - Fragmenta, Parisii (Paris),Ambrosio Firmin Didot, 1858  

Cummings Janice M. - Temple dance in Ancient Egypt, New York, New York University, 2000  

Curl James Stevens - The Egyptian revival. Ancient Egypt as the inspiration for design motifs in the West, London - New York, Routledge, 2005  

Currelly C. T. , Ayrton E. R., Weigall A. E. P. - Abydos, Part III: 1904. With a Chapter by A. H. Gardiner, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1904 [MEEF 25]  

Currelly Charles Trick - Stone Implements, Le Caire, Imprimerie de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale 1913 [CG 63001-64906]  

Current Research in Egyptology 2009: Proceedings ot the Tenth annual symposium Liverpool 7-9 January 2009, Oxford, Oxbow Books, 2009  

Current Research in Egyptology 2011: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium, Oxford - Oakville (CT), Oxbow Books, 2012

Current Research in Egyptology 2017. Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Symposium: University of Naples, “L’Orientale” 3–6 May 2017, Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018

Curtis John, Simpson St. John (eds.) - The World of Achaemenid Persia: The Diversity of Ancient Iran, London-New York, I.B. Tauris, 2010 -  

Curtis Vesta Sarkhosh, Stewart Sarah - Birth of the Persian Empire, London-New York, I.B. Tauris, 2005  

Curto Silvio - Gli Scavi Italiani a el-Ghiza (1903), Rome, Centro per le Antichita e la Storia dell-Arte del Vicino Oriente, 1963  

Ćwiek Andrzej - Relief Decoration in the Royal Funerary Complexes of the Old Kingdom. Studies in the Development, Scene Content and Iconography, Warsaw, The Warsaw University, 2003  


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