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This is the "P- letter"  list from my new alphabetical catalogue, presenting my book files collection for free downloading. The items are arranged according authors (editors) last names. In this section you can find works of the prominent Alexandrian authors from Antiquity: Claudius Ptolemy (c. 100-170 CE) and Philo Judaeus (c. 20 BCE-70 CE), British egyptologists: the great sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1853-1942), Thomas Eric Peet (1882-1934), academic fellow Richard B. Parkinson (b. 1963), expert on Egyptian religion and magic Geraldine Pinch (b. 1951), topographical bibliographer Bertha Porter (1852-1941), specialist on Ancient Egyptian graffiti Alexander John Peden, French authors: famous expert on Ancient Egyptian literature from Russian descent Alexandre Piankoff (1897-1966), archaeologist Georges Perrot (1832-1914), recognized worldwide Chinese egyptologist and anthropologist Mu-chou Poo (b. 1952), Belgian historian Jacques Pirenne (1891-1972), Spanish egyptologists: Francisco José Presedo Velo (1923-2000) from Sevilla and  Josep Padro from University of Barcelona, Czekh investigator on Egyptian mythology Martin Pehal, Finnish expert on Assyria Simo Parpola (b. 1943) and many others.


Padró Josep - Historia del Egipto faraónico, Madrid, Alianza Editorial, 1996, 2014   

Palanque Charles, Chassinat Émile - Une campagne de fouilles dans la nécropole d’Assiout, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1911 [MIFAO 24]   

Palme Bernhard - Das Amt des ἀπαιτητής in Ägypten, Wien, Brüder Hollinek, 1989  

Panov Maxim V. - Die Statue des Horchebe, Novosibirsk, Selbstwerlag, 2014/ Панов Максим Вячеславович - Надписи на целительной статуе Хорхебе, Новосибирск, М.В. Панов, 2014  

Papazian Hratch - Domain of Pharaohs. The Structure and Components of the Economy of Old Kingdom Egypt. Volume I-II, Chicago (ILL), University of Chicago, 2005  

Parente Fausto, Sievers Joseph, Smith Morton (eds.) - Josephus and the History of the Greco-Roman Period, Leiden-New York-Köln, Brill, 1994  

Parker Richard A. - The Calendars of Ancient Egypt, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1950  

Parker Robert A. - A Saite oracle papyrus from Thebes in the Brooklyn Museum (Papyrus Brooklyn 47.218.3), Providence (RI), Brown University Press, 1962  

Parkinson Richard B. - Cracking codes : the Rosetta stone and decipherment, Berkeley- Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1999  

Parkinson Richard B. - Poetry and Culture in Middle Kingdom Egypt. A Dark Side to Perfection, London- New York, Continuum, 2002  

Parkinson Richard B., Fischer-Elfert Hans-Werner (eds.) - Studies on the Middle Kingdom: In memory of Detlef Franke, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2013  

Parkinson Richard B. - The Tale of Sinuhe and Other Ancient Egyptian Poems, 1940-1640 BC, Oxford-New York, Clarendon Press- Oxford University Press, 1997  

Parkinson Richard B. - Voices from Ancient Egypt: An Anthology of Middle Kingdom Writings, Norman (OK), University of Oklahoma Press, 1991  

Parpola Simo - Correspondence of Sargon the Second, Part I : Letters from Assyria and the West (State Archives of Assyria, Vol 1), Helsinki, Helsinki University Press, 1987  

Parra Ortiz José Miguel (coord.) - El Antiguo Egipto. Sociedad, Economía, Política, Madrid, Marcial Pons, Ediciones de Historia, S. A., 2009  

Parramore Lynn - Reading the Sphinx. Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture, New York, Palgrave MacMillan, 2008  

Parsons  Peter - City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish: Greek Lives in Roman Egypt, London, Phoenix, 2012

Parthey Gustav - Aegyptische Personennamen bei den Klassikern, in Papyrusrollen, auf Inschriften, Berlin, Nikolaische Buchhandlung, 1864  

Pasquali Stéphane - Topographie cultuelle de Memphis 1. a- Corpus. Temples et principaux quartiers de la XVIIIe dynastie, Montpellier, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III, 2011 [CENIM 4]  

Patch Diana Craig - The Origin and Early Development of Urbanism in Ancient Egypt: A Regional Study, Philadelphia (PA), University of Pennsylvania, 1991  

Pawlicki Franciszek - The Main Sanctuary of Amun-Re in the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari, Warsaw, University of Warsaw-Polish centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, 2017

Paynen Simon - Greeks in Ptolemaic Egypt Inter-cultural Influences in Naukratis, La Crosse, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 2012  

Peck Caroline Nestmann - Some Decorated Tombs of the First Intermediate Period at Neg' ed-Deir, Providence (RI), Brown University, 1958  

Peck William H. , Ross John G. - Egyptian drawings, New York, E.P. Dutton, 1978  

Peczynski Shell - Sea Peoples and their migration, New Brunswick (NJ), Rutgers University, 2009-  

Peden Alexander John - The graffiti of pharaonic Egypt : scope and roles of informal writings (c. 3100-332 B.C.), Leiden - Boston - Köln, Brill, 2010  

Peden Alexander John - The Reign of Ramesses IV, Warminster, Aris & Phillips, 1994  

Peden Alexander John - The Scope and Roles of Hieroglyphic and Hieratic Graffiti in Ancient Egypt and Nubia: Textual Graffiti in the Hieroglyphic and Hieratic Scripts from the Pharaonic Era: Dynasties I - XXXI, Liverpool, The University of Liverpool,1997  

Peet Thomas E. , Gardiner, Alan H. - The inscriptions of Sinai. Part I. Introduction and plates, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1917 [MEEF 36]  

Peet Thomas E. - The Cemeteries of Abydos, Part II: 1911 - 1912, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1914 [MEEF 34]  

Peet Thomas E., W. L. S. Loat - The Cemeteries of Abydos, Part III: 1912 - 1913, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1913 [MEEF 35]  

Peet T.E, Woolley C.L. - The city of Akhenaten, Part I: Excavations of 1921 and 1922 at El-Amarneh, London, Egypt Exploration Society, 1923 [MEES 38]  

Peet Thomas E. - The great tomb-robberies of the Twentieth Egyptian dynasty; being a critical study, with translations and commentaries, of the papyri in which these are recorded. Volume I-II, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1930  

Pehal Martin - Interpreting Ancient Egyptian Mythology: A Structural Analysis of the Tale of the Two Brothers and the Astarte Papyrus, Prague, Charles University, 2008  

Pehal Martin - Interpreting Ancient Egyptian Narratives: A Structural Analysis of the Tale of Two Brothers, the Anat Myth, the Osirian Cycle, and the Astarte Papyrus, Bruxelles, Éditions EME (Éditions Modulaires Européennes), 2014  

Peinado Federico Lara, Martínez José María Blázquez - El libro egipcio de los muertos, Madrid, Editoria Nacional, 1984  

Peled Ilan (ed.) - Structures of Power: Law and Gender Across the Ancient Near East, Chicago, The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2018

Pendlebury J.D.S.,Frankfort H. - The City of Akhenaton, Part II: The North suburb and the desert altars, The excavations at Tell el Amarna during the seasons 1926-1932, London, Egypt Exploration Society - Humphrey Milford, 1933 [MEES 40]  

Pendlebury J.D.S. - The City of Akhenaton, Part III: The central city and the official quarters, The excavations at Tell El-Amarna during the seasons 1926-1927 and 1931-1936. Volume I-II: Text/Plates, London, Egypt Exploration Society - Geoffrey Cumberlege, 1951 [MEES 44.1-2]  

Pendlebury John D.S. - Les fouilles de Tell El Amarna et l'époque amarnienne, Paris, Payot, 1936

Pepler-Harcombe Aletta Maria - Ancient Egyptian furniture in context: from ancient production, preservation to modern-day reconstruction and conservation, Pretoria, University of South Africa, 2011  

Perrot Georges, Chipiez Charles - A history of art in Ancient Egypt. Volume I-II, London, Chapman and Hall Ltd., 1883  

Perry Evelyn - A critical Study of the Eloquent Peasant, Baltimore (ML), Johns Hopkins University, 1986  

Peterson R., Sayce Archibald H. - Race in Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament, Washington (DC), Scott-Townsend, 1993  

Petit Thierry - Oedipe et le Cherubin: Les sphinx levantins, cypriotes et grecs comme gardiens d'Immortalité, Fribourg - Göttingen, Universitatsverlag Fribourg- Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Abydos, Part I-II: 1902-03. With Chapter by A. E. Weigall, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1902-03 [MEEF 22 & 24]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Athribis. With Chapters by Dr. J. H. Walker and E. B. Knobel, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1908 [ BSAE/ERA 14]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Corpus of Prehistoric Pottery and Palettes, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Constable & Co. - Bernard Quaritch, 1921 [BSAE/ERA 32]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Dendereh 1898. With Chapters by F. Ll. Griffith, Dr. Gladstone and Oldfield Thomas (and with extra plates), London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1900 [MEEF 17 & 17 extra]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Deshasheh 1897. With a Chapter by F. Ll. Griffith, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1898 [MEEF 15]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Diospolis Parva : The Cemeteries of Abadiyeh and Hu 1898-99 (With Chapters by Arthur C. Mace), London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1901 [MEEF 20]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Egyptian Decorative Art A Course Of Lectures, London, Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1920  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Ehnasya 1904. With Chapter byC. T. Currelly, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1905 [MEEF 26]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Gizeh and Rifeh. With Chapters by Sir Herbert Thompson, Bart., and W. E. Crum, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1907 [ BSAE/ERA 13]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - The Geographical Papyrus (an Almanack). With remarks by Heinrich Brugsch, London, Trübner & Co, 1889 [MEEF 9]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - The Hawara Portfolio: Paintings of the Roman Age, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1913 [ BSAE/ERA 22]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders, Mackay Earnest -Heliopolis, Kafr Ammar and Shurafa. With Chapters by G. A. Wainwright, R. Engelbach, D. E. Derry, W. W. Midgley, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1915 [ BSAE/ERA 24]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders, Knobel E. B. , Midgley W. W. , Milne J. G. , Murray M. A. - Historical Studies, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1911 [ BSAE/ERA 19]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - A history of Egypt. Volume I-V, London, Methuen & Co., 1894-1905  

Petrie W.M. Flinders, Garrow Duncan J. - Hyksos and Israelite cities, London, School of Archaeology:University College-Bernard Quaritch,1906 [BSAE/ERA 12]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders, , Brunton Guy , Murray M. A. - Lahun II, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1923 [ BSAE/ERA 33]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders, , Quibell James Edward - Naqada and Ballas 1895, London, Bernard Quaritch, 1896 [ BSAE/ERA 1]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders , Mackay Earnest , Wainwright Gerald - Meydum and Memphis (III), London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1910 [ BSAE/ERA 18]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Memphis I. With a Chapter by Dr. J. H. Walker, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1909 [ BSAE/ERA 15]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Naukratis, Part I: 1884-5. With Chapters by Cecil Smith; Ernest Gardner; and Barclay V. Head, London, Trübner & Co, 1886 [MEEF 3]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - The Palace of Apries (Memphis II). With a Chapter by Dr. J. H. Walker, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1909 [ BSAE/ERA 17]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Prehistoric Egypt Illustrated by over 1,000 Objects in University College London, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1920 [BSAE/ERA 31]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - The pyramids and temples of Gizeh, London - New York, Field & Tuer - Scribner & Welford, 1883  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - The pyramids and temples of Gizeh (new and revised edition), London, Histories & Mysteries of Man, 1990  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Roman Portraits and Memphis (IV), , London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1911 [ BSAE/ERA 20]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - The Royal Tombs of the First Dynasty (The Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties). 1900-1901. Part I-II. With Chapter by F. Ll. Griffith, London, Egypt Exploration Fund, 1900-01 [MEEF 18 & 21, 21 extra]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Scarabs and Cylinders with Names Illustrated by the Egyptian Collection in University College, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Constable & Co. - Bernard Quaritch, 1917 [ BSAE/ERA 29]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Tanis, Part I-II, London, Trübner & Co, 1885-1888 [MEEF 2 & 4]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders, Wainwright G. A. , Gardiner Alan H. - Tarkhan I and Memphis V, London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1913 [ BSAE/ERA 23]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Tombs of the Courtiers and Oxyrhynkhos. With Chapters by Alan Gardiner, Hilda Petrie and M. A. Murray , London, British School of Archaeology in Egypt - Bernard Quaritch, 1925 [ BSAE/ERA 37]  

Petrie W.M. Flinders - Tools and weapons illustrated by the Egyptian collection in University college, London, and 2,000 outlines from other sources , London, British school of archaeology in Egypt-Constable & Co.- Bernard Quaritch, 1917 [ BSAE/ERA 30]  

Peust Carsten - Egyptian phonology: an introduction to the phonology of a dead language, Göttingen, Peust & Gutschmidt, 1999  

Pfeiffer Stefan, Nerpel Martina Minas, Lembke Katja (eds.) - Tradition and Transformation. Egypt under Roman Rule, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2010  

Pfrommer Michael - Greek Gold from Hellenistic Egypt, Los Angeles, Getty Museum Publications, 2001  

Phillips Rebecca - Documenting Socio-Economic Variability in the Egyptian Neolithic Through Stone Artefacts Analysis, Aucland, The University of Aucland, 2012  

Philo Alexandrinus (Iudaeus) - The works of Philo Judaeus. Volume I-IV, London, Henry G. Bohn, 1854-1855  

Piacentini Patrizia - Les Scribes dans la Société Égyptienne de l'Ancien Empire. Volume I. Les premières dynasties, les nécropoles memphites, Paris, Cybele, 2002  

Piankoff Alexandre - Les Chapelles De Tout Ankh Amon. Fascicule Premier, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1951-1952 [MIFAO 72.1-2]  

Piankoff Alexandre - Le coeur dans les textes Égyptiens depuis l'Ancien jusqu'à la fin du Nouvel Empire, Paris, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, 1930

Piankoff Alexandre - La création du disque solaire, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire, 1953 , Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire, 1942 [BiEtud/BdE 19]  

Piankoff Alexandre - Le livre du jour et de la nuit, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire, 1942 [BiEtud/BdE 13]  

Piankoff Alexandre - Le Livre des Portes. I-III, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1939-1962 [MIFAO 74.1-2/75.1-2, 90]  

Piankoff Alexandre - Mythological Papyri. Volume I-III, New York, Pantheon Books, 1957  

Picatoste José Ramón Pérez-Accino - Topografía de la legitimidad. Paisaje y arquitectura como metáfora a comienzos de la XVIII dinastía egipcia, Madrid, Universidad Complutense, 1998  

Piccione Peter - The historical development of the game of senet and its significance for Egyptian religion, Chicago (IL), The University of Chicago, 1990

Pierce Richard Holton, Hägg Tomas, Eide Tormod, Török László (eds.) - Fontes historiae Nubiorum. Textual sources for the history of the Middle Nile Region between the eighth century BC and the sixth century AD Volume I-IV, Bergen, The University of Bergen, 1994-2000  

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Pierret Paul - Recueil d'inscriptions inédites du musée égyptien du Louvre, Paris, A. Franck, 1874 [EE 2]  

Pinch Geraldine - Handbook of Egyptian Mythology, Santa Barbara (CA)- Denver (CO) Oxford, ABC Clio, 2002  

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Pino Fernández Cristina, Navarro-Reverter Teresa Armijo, Rodríguez Ángel Sánchez - Ineni. La Tumba Tebana número 81, Sevilla,Ediciones Asociación Andaluza de Egiptología (ASADE), 2006  

Piquette Kathryn - An Archaeology of Art and Writing. Early Egyptian Labels in Context, Cologne, Modern Academic Publishing (MAP), 2018

Piquette Kathryn E. - Writing, 'art', and society: a contextual archaeology of the inscribed labels of late predynastic - early dynastic Egypt. Volume I-II. Text-Figures, London, University of London (UCL), 2007

Pirenne Jacques - Histoire de la Civilisation de l'Egypte Ancienne. Tome I-III, Neuchâtel - Paris, La Baconnière - Albin Michel, 1961-1963

Pirenne Jacques - Histoire des institutions et du droit privé de l'ancienne Égypte. Tome I-III, Bruxelles, Fondation Égyptologique Reine Élisabeth, 1932-1935   

Pirenne Jacques - Historia Del Antiguo Egipto. Tomo I-III, Barcelona, Ediciones Océano - Éxito, 1983  

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Posener Georges - La première domination perse en Egypte : recueil d'inscriptions hiéroglyphiques , Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1936 [BdE / BiEtud 11]

Poulsen Frederik - Catalogue of Ancient Sculpture in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 1951

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