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This is the "J - letter" list from my new alphabetical catalogue, presenting my book files collection for free downloading. The items are arranged according authors (editors) last names. In this section you can find works of the Jewish adventurer-historian Josephus Flavius (c. 37-100), wonderful English scholars Thomas Garnet Henry James (1923-2009) and David G. Jeffreys, French authors: prominent archaeologist and novelist and egyptologist Christian Jacq (b. 1947), Swiss archaeologist Gustave Jéquier (1868-1946), distinguished field archaeologist, leading expert on Demotic and professor from Chicago Oriental Institute Janet H. Johnson, Austrian egyptologist Hermann Junker (1867-1962), foremost Danish assyriologist Thorkild Jacobsen (1904-1993) and many others.

Jackson Robert B. - At Empire's Edge: Exploring Rome's Egyptian Frontier, New Haven (CU)-London, Yale University Press,2002  

Jacobson Jeffrey, Gillam Robyn (eds.) - The Egyptian Oracle Project: Ancient Ceremony in Augmented Reality, London-New York-New Delhi-Sidney, Bloomsbury Academic, 2015  

Jacq Christian - El Antiguo Egipto Día a Día, Barcelona, Planeta DeAgostini, 2001  

Jacq Christian - Las Egipcias. Retratos de mujeres del Egipto faraónico, Barcelona, Planeta, 1997  

Jacq Christian - El Egipto de Los Grandes Faraones. La historia y la leyenda, Barcelona, Ediciones Martinez Roca, 1988  

Jacq Christian - La sabiduría viva del Antiguo Egipto, Barcelona, Planeta, 1999  

Jacq Christian - El Valle de los Reyes. Las tumbas de los faraones desvelan sus misterios, Barcelona, Ediciones Martínez Roca, S. A, 1994  

Jacquet-Gordon Helen - The Temple of Khonsu, Volume 3: The Graffiti on the Khonsu Temple Roof at Karnak: A Manifestation of Personal Piety, Chicago, The Oriental institute at University of Chicago, 2003  

Jacobsohn Helmuth - Die dogmatische Stellung des Königs in der Theologie der alten Ägypter, Glückstadt-Hamburg-New York, J.J. Augustin, 1939 (AF 8)  

Jacobsen Thorkild, Wilson John A. , Frankfort Henry , Frankfort Henriette A. - Before Philosophy: The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man. An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East, Harmondsworth (Middlesex), Penguin Books, 1959  

Jacobsen Thorkild, Irwin William A. , Wilson John A. , Frankfort Henry , Frankfort Henriette A. - The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man. An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East, Chicago (IL), The University of Chicago Press, 1977  

Jacobsen Thorkild, Wilson John A. - Most Ancient Verse Selected and translated, Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1963  

James George G. M. - Stolen Legacy. Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy, New York, Philosophical Librabry, 1954  

James Thomas Garnet Henry (ed.) - Hieroglyphic texts from Egyptian stelae, &c in British Museum, Part IX, London, The Trustees of the British Museum, 1970  

James Thomas G.H. - Hekanakhte Papers and Other Early Middle Kingdom Documents, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1962 [PMMAE 19]  

James Thomas Garnet Henry - Howard Carter: The Path to Tutankhamun, London-New York, Tauris Parke Paperbacks, 2000  

James Thomas G.H. - The Mastaba of Khentika called Ikhekhi , London, Egypt Exploration Society, 1953  

Janes Glenn - Shabtis: a Private View. Ancient Egyptian funerary statuettes in private European collections, Paris, Librairie Cybele, 2002  

Janosi Peter - Giza in Der 4. Dynastie. Die Baugeschichte Und Belegung Einer Nekropole Des Alten Reiches. Band I: Die Mastabas der Kernfriedhöfe und die Felsgräber. Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2005  

Janssen Jac. J. - Commodity prices from the Ramessid period. An economic study of the village of necroplis workmen at Thebes, Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1975  

Janssen Jac.J., Demarée Rob J. (eds.) – Gleanings from Deir el-Medîna , Leiden, Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten, 1982  

Janssen Jozef A. , Dunham Dows, Reisner George Andrew - Second Cataract Forts. Volume I, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 1960  

Janzen Mark D. - The Iconography of Humiliation. The Depiction and Treatment of Bound Foreigners in New Kingdom Egypt , Memphis (TN), The University of Memphis, 2013  

Jaroš-Deckert Brigitte, Rogge Eva - Statuen des Alten Reiches. Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Ägyptisch-Orientalische Sammlung, Mainz am Rhein: Philipp von Zabern, 1993 [CAntAe Lieferung 15]  

Jasnow Richard - A Late Period Hieratic Wisdom Text (P. Brooklyn 47.218.135), Chicago, The Orienntal Institute of The University of Chicago, 1992  

Jasnow Richard, Hughes George R. - The Oriental Institute Hawara Papyri: Demotic and Greek Texts from an Egyptian Family Archive in the Fayum (Fourth to Third Century B.C.), Chicago, The Oriental institute at University of Chicago, 1997  

Jauhiainen Heidi - " Do not celebrate your feast without your neighbours." A Study of References to Feasts and Festivals in Non-Literary Documents from Ramesside Period. Deir el Medina, Helsinki, The University of Helsinki, 2009  

Javorskaya Karolina - Überlegungen zu den rhetorischen Stilmitteln im Altägyptischen: Eine Untersuchung der Wiederholungs-, Positions- und Quantitätsfiguren anhand ausgewählter Beispiele aus dem Pfortenbuch, Heidelberg, Universität Heidelberg, 2010  

Jeffreys D.G., Smith H.S., Price M. Jessop - The Anubieion at Saqqâra. Volume I. The settlement and the Temple precinct, London, Egypt Exploration Society, 1988 [EM EES 54]  

Jeffreys David G. (ed.) - Views of Ancient Egypt Since Napoleon Bonaparte: Imperialism, Colonialism and Modern Appropriations, London, UCL Press, 2003

Jeffreys David G. - Written and Graphic Sources for an Archaeological Survey of Memphis, Egypt: from 500. BC to 1900 CE, with special reference to the papers of Joseph Hekekyan, London, University of London, 1999  

Jenkins Nancy - The Boat Beneath the Pyramid: Kings Cheops' Royal Ship, New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1980  

Jéquier Gustave, Barsanti Alessandro, Morgan Jean-Jacques de, Bouriant Urbain, Legrain Georges - Catalogue des monuments et inscriptions de l'Égypte antique, publié sous les auspices de S.A. Abbas II Helmi par la direction générale du Service des antiquités. Première série, Tome I-III, Vienne, Adolphe Holzhauzen, 1894-1905 

Jéquier Gustave - Les frises d’objets des sarcophages du moyen empire, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1921 [MIFAO 47] 

Jéquier Gustave - Le livre de ce qu'il y a dans l'Hadès : version abrégée publiée d'après les papyrus de Berlin et de Leyde avec variantes et traduction et suivie d'un index des mots contenus au papyrus de Berlin no. 3001, Paris, Émile Bouillon, 1894   

Jéquier Gustave, Gautier Joseph-Etienne - Mémoire sur les fouilles de Licht, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1902 [MIFAO 6]   

Jéquier Gustave, Legrain Georges , Bouriant Urbain - Monuments pour servir à l’étude du culte d’Atonou en Egypte. Tome 1, les tombes de Khouitatonou, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1903 [MIFAO 8]   

Jéquier Gustave - Temples d' Égypte Ancienne, Paris, Editions Albert Morancé, 1920-1924  

Jestice Phyllis G. , Rice Rob S. , Rusch Scott M., Seratti John, Anglim Simon - Fighting Techniques of the Ancient World 3000 B.C. to 500 A.D. Equipment, combat skills and tactics, London- New York, Thomas Dunne Books, 2003  

Johl C. H. - Altägyptische Webestühle und Brettchenweberei in Altägypten, Leipzig, J.C. Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung, 1924 [UGAÄ 8]  

Johnson Janet H. (ed.) - The Demotic Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CDD), Chicago, Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2001-2011  

Johnson Janet H. - The Demotic Verbal System, Chicago (IL),The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2004  

Johnson Janet H. (ed.) - Life in a Multi-Cultural Society: Egypt from Cambyses to Constantine and Beyond, Chicago (IL), The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 1992  

Johnson Janet H., Teeter Emily (eds.) - The Life of Meresamun: A Temple Singer in Ancient Egypt, Chicago, The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2009 [OIMP 29]  

Johnson Janet H., Whitcomb Donald S. - Quseir Al-Qadim 1978: Preliminary Report, American Research Center in Egypt, Princeton (NJ), 1979  

Johnson Janet H., Whitcomb Donald S. - Quseir al-Qadim 1980: Preliminary Report, Malibu (CA), Undena Publications, 1982  

Johnson Janet H., Wente Edward F. (eds.) - Studies in Honor of George R. Hughes. January 12, 1977, Chicago, The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago, 1976  

Johnson Janet H. - Thus Wrote 'Onchsheshonqy - An Introductory Grammar of Demotic, Chicago (IL),The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2000  

Jones Dilwyn - Ancient Egyptian Boats, London, British Museum Press, 1981  

Jones Dilwyn - An Index of Ancient Egyptian Titles, Epithets and Phrases of the Old Kingdom. Volumes I-II, Oxford, Archaeopress, 2000  

Jones Philip, Hill Jane A. , MoralesAntonio J. (eds) - Experiencing Power, Generating Authority. Cosmos, Politics, and the Ideology of Kingship in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology - University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013  

Jones Prudence J. - Cleopatra: A Sourcebook, Norman (OK), University of Oklahoma Press, 2006  

Jones Richard - The use of manpower in the construction of Old and Middle kingdom pyramid complexes, Liverpool, University of Liverpool, 2006  

Jördens Andrea et al. - Ägyptische Magie im Wandel der Zeiten. Eine Ausstellung des Instituts für Papyrologie in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Ägyptologie der Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Universität Heidelberg, 2016  

Jørgensen Jens Blach - Egyptian Mythological Manuals. Mythological Structures and Interpretative Techniques in the Tebtunis Mythological Manual, the Manual of the Delta and Related Texts, København, Københavns Universitet, 2013  

Josephus Flavius - The Works of Flavius Josephus. Volume I-IV , Edinburgh-London, T. & J . Allman, 1826  

Jouguet Pierre (ed.) - Mélanges Maspero, I Orient Ancien. Fascicule 1-2, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1934-1961 [MIFAO 66.1-4] 

Jouguet Pierre (ed.) - Mélanges Maspero, II Orient Grec, Romain et Byzantin. Fascicule 1-2, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1934-1937 [MIFAO 67.1-2]  

Jourdain Geneviève, d'Abbadie Jeanne Marie Thérèse Vandier - Deux Tombes de Deir El Médineh: I. La Chapelle de Khâ, II. La tombe du scribe royal Amenemopet, Le Caire, Institut français d'archéologie orientale, 1939 [MIFAO 73]  

Junge Friedrich - Late Egyptian Grammar. Аn Introduction, Oxford, Griffith Institute, 2005  

Junker Hermann - Giza. Bericht über die von der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien auf gemeinsame Kosten mit Dr. Wilhelm Pelizaeus unternommenen Grabungen auf dem Friedhof des Alten Reiches bei den Pyramiden von Giza. Band I-XII, Wien-Leipzig, Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky/Wien, Rudolf M. Rohrer, 1929-1955  

Junker Hermann - Die Götterlehre von Memphis (Shabaka Inschrift), Berlin, Verlag der Akademie der Wissenschaften-Valter de Gruyter, 1940  

Junker Hermann - The Offering Room of Prince Kaninisut, Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, 1931  

Junker Hermann - Der sehende und blinde Gott (Mhentj-irtj und Mhntj-n-irtj), München, Verlag der Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften-C.H. Beck, 1942  

Junker Hermann - Vorläufiger Bericht über die dritte Grabung bei den Pyramiden von Gizeh vom 3. Januar bis 28. April 1914, Wien, Akademie der Wissenschaft, 1914  



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